Akward Leads to Understanding WD My Cloud Greatness

Do you know how many times I’ve had that moment, when you do something that you regret. Well, often you forget at some point. Yet, I think we should not. Because if you really put effort into thinking hard, and looking into the past.. you may easily realise that in fact you just might have learned a very valuable lesson in life. Which you may regret at that time, but will be soon forgotten.

Take for example, hardware. How many times have I completely destroyed some electric parts just because of plain ignorance and stupidity. In a recent movie, I saw a kid thinking that they could put water inside a computer in order to make it grow stronger and faster. While that kid might have be on to something, surely it did destroy the whole computer. Now, that’s an awkward moment! In fact, quite ridiculous and I ended up laughing pretty hard during not just that but in a lot of the scenes of the movie.

Talking about movies and screwing up. I recently bought a WD My Cloud to accommodate all the stuff I download. It’s actually a really cool device, better than any external HD with the idiotic USB connection. But I didn’t realise this before a few mishaps, of trying to use the thing over Wi-Fi which turned out possible. Just something you are too stubborn to admit that you screwed up. Well, luckily I bumped into this guide on fixing WD My Cloud Speed and whee, it couldn’t be faster!

Netgear Device

Yes, it’s this beauty that saved my awkward life. Netgear switch that channels data through a blazing fast Ethernet connection. I would really recommend it to anyone who is in problems of speed with this My Cloud device. Western Digital has become one of my favourites, because they just create really simple and efficient devices. If you are as dumb as me to not understand how they work, then it’s not their fault is it. So I just wanted to recommend it to everyone who might have a lot of movies to share. What I’ve learned is to never delete them because after a lot of years, that’s when you really want them to still exist. Maybe not till your death bed, but anyway.. you get the point!

I am now definitely up there in the “understanding” section of things.

Renan Leggo (Author).

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