Chaoyang Theater Wins Shanghai VS Beijing Acrobatics

Acrobatic Act at Chaoyang Theater in Beijing

Who gets to go first. Me, me, me! This is what my friend shouted when we standing in front of the bullet train in Shanghai. Pretty much among the same lines as in the acrobatic show queue in Shanghai. Yes, obviously my good friend was very exited to ride one, as they claim that it crossed one of the largest train supported bridges in the world. Anyhow, it was time to say good bye to Shanghai at that time and we were still full of laughs. Always a good way to depart a place so you don’t start feeling sad about it or something. Kind of reminded me of what happened with the Rotten Tomatoes review of “That Awkward Moment”, which didn’t go all that well. But laughs saved us all, and now we look back at it that they did have some truth in it and we learn, and laugh even more.

I kind of was thinking to myself that there could not be any more awkward moments for us during the huge trip in China. But I was once yet again, wrong. This time we wanted to see the Beijing version of Chinese acrobatics known as the famous Chaoyang Theater. After a long and tired trip, we finally arrived to the hotel thinking we cannot make it in time to the show. But yet again, we were wrong as we managed to arrive in time after running around frantically around the Beijing subway system. Even up to this way, I really believe that this tired feeling really added up to the experience. While I was afraid I might fall asleep during the acrobatics, the case seemed to be quite the opposite. Shanghai was amazing in it’s own right, but Beijing still won and we think there is nothing more awesome that we can ever see period. With a little bit of exaggeration added, the show was also in that style where everything was pumped up so that heart beats would go up as well.

This time the stake was high, and the acrobatic feats were so stunning and crazy that we were afraid of their lives. With all respect this time none of the threw anything to the stage, or interrupted the performance in any way. Instead there was a bit of an awkward moment amongst the performers themselves. Yes, it involved balls and lots of hurting. The audience was hurting too, because one skilful guy on the stage had to be carried away for ball recovery. He was making an amazing balancing stunt, where you climb to huge heights with only one arm to use. It’s a bit difficult to explain, but we are still shaking our heads over it. Anyway, this man fell and hit his balls on a metal bar, making a huge sound. We really hope that he was alright afterwards, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he could loose to ability to breed. With all due respect, that was an amazingly amazing show with an even more amazing awkward moment. And for us of course, it made the spectacle even more spectacle-like and special. Beijing definitely won on that one! We are not sure if it’s because of the “little” accident, or just because of the show itself. Probably, a combination of both.

After we thought that we had seen it all, we were taking into a magical world of the silk hanging trick. Beautiful Chinese women and lots of them, hanging from the ceiling and making beautiful choreography. It proved to us, that Chaoyang Theater could manage all aspects of the performing arts very well. Obviously with tens of years of experience as one of the oldest acrobatic troupes in China, I was not that surprised about that. They did an excellent performance, which will carry it’s weight as a treasured memory in my life. Just too bad, that we couldn’t get a picture or video of the beautiful yet awkward moment that I explained.

Chaoyang Theater
36 North East Third Ring Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing

In town? Don’t miss it, we dare you to take the ball challenge! Check out their official site for more information. Btw. we would like to invite Tom Gormican to go to Beijing too.


  1. Charlie Tilley says

    For me, both Beijing & Shanghai would definitely be the winner. Great experience!


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