Feel Free, Feel Awkward

Call it God

I know it’s a strange theme for a blog. But the movie taught me something precious about life, not just as an actor but a real human being. Can you feel those moments in life, when you have felt hugely embarrassed. Those moments are precious. Especially when they happened to you as a kid. I mean, you could say that a huge amount of people in this world are traumatized because they had so called awkward or bad experiences in their life. Stuff that you just want to forget and eventually end up burring deep in your mind.

Then you become an adult and wonder why you are such a looser. It must have been because you never forgave yourself for the ridiculous thing you did. Or much worse, the shit that others did to you. Either way it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you forgive those people, including yourself. It’s a huge feeling of freedom once you start to understand, such a simple and brilliant code of life. This is not mathematics, it’s just a fact that probably the vast majority of us are crazy. I feel like an onion, trying to peel myself within a horror story. Once all the layers are torn down, all is left is me. But then you realize that me is a word and there’s nothing left. Except something that’s a whole new surprise for you.

Call it enlightenment, call it god. You need to let go of your face to be truly free. And freedom of course is equal to happiness. That much math I will give you guys. I was never good at maths, but I was really good at fucking things up. All the spice of my career, my brilliance and that road or path that I still take every day to become a more free, a more versatile silly human being.

Respect to all of you mother fuckers,
Renan Leggo

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