Fun Referral Trick with Friends Website or Blog

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One fun trick that you can do to your friends is to make them believe that they are getting website visitors from some important persons website. This is nothing nasty of course, it’s just a way to play with your friend and get them excited for nothing. The possibilities are pretty much endless, but we had a good laugh trying this with a few bloggers that we know personally. Of course we told them what was realy going on afterwards to clear out the amusing confusion. Basically everyone has some kind of analytics software running in the background so that you know who is visiting your website and most importantly where they are coming from.

For Google search this statistic is not very accurate because of encryption that they use, which blocks the actual keyword people are using to find your website. Unless the person doing the search doesn’t support encryption for the search, it will show you all the details of the referral keyword. As for other referral origins, you can see pretty clearly where everyone is coming from and entering the blog or website. To change the statistic, we need to Fake Referrer URL and make it exactly what we want.

While there are all kinds of free scripts available, firstly half of them don’t even work. And the other half is just too much of a trouble to set up. For a working method, check out the link above for a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to get things going in no time at all.

It’s possible to use your own custom URL or make it seem liked the referred website is Blogger, DuckDuckGo, Twitter and many others. The possibilities are huge and the setup is reasonably easy. Once you have gone trough the instructions in that link, it’s time to test out what your friend thinks of people coming from a famous movie production website for example. Just hope he doesn’t get too excited as it will be rather awkward when he hears the news. Perhaps their success is further away than they might think it is!

Basically you get your on referral URL, which is used every time to point a click to the website. This is necessary to create the fake statistics for web analytics of the page. As for actually getting those visitors, you can try sharing the URL in social media as well as put it onto websites and blog posts where people might click on the link. If you need any more advice, just ask me and I will be more than a happy bunny to help. Or let us know in the comments of what kind of fun did you have with this fake referral method!

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