Is The Golden Mask Dynasty Going to be a Movie

Awkward or not, life needs to be lived and experienced. Just like in the movies, like in Hollywood except, for real. A part of that realization, is to make things real. Yeah, not everyone can do these fun things but we need to get together with the folks that have nothing to do with movies in-order to make great movies. So that’s why good friends of mine in China have had a brilliant idea to make the Golden Mask Dynasty Show into a movie. Something that has been running in my mind for a long time now. Naturally, I am taking the opportunity of presenting this idea through Just Get Horizontal, just in-case it will take root.

As has been evident, I am a big fan of theatre and China has been a really refreshing ball game. And not just the awkward way, although those stories do suggest a lot of it. Going to all the amazing spectacles, there have been a handful that I though WOW. Those I have earlier mentioned on the blog, such as the Chaoyang Theater and the Shanghai Circus World venues. While they are stuff that you simply cannot miss on any trip to China, there is more. I have only uncovered a fraction of the vast range of shows that are offered. Not all of them are good but some of them are more than brilliant.

In the case of this golden mask story, I was impressed from the beginning. Without having much of a background for musical it was a totally new experience for me. Just like our movies, they shared common ground. This in itself was one of the most surprising things to me, having never even given thought to something “musical”. So at the end of the day, I ended up driving through the crowded streets of Beijing and managed to find the OCT Theatre. I was just absorbing all the dance, the choreography, stunts, effects and a beautiful story that was situated in an ancient Chinese dynasty.

It all seemed so familiar to me, as well as exotic. What was this feeling inside of me. It was that I wanted to make a movie out of it. Having the perfect story line and atmosphere for the big screen, the challenge was met. How to get the Chinese to collaborate in such a big project. These experiences are just a handful in the history of the Hollywood blockbusters. Perhaps, it was time to try again with something revolutionary.

So all the producers and idea-filled people who are reading this. Go to Beijing for your work trip or whatever. And head to the OCT Theatre venue and tell them: ‘One ticket for the Golden Mask Dynasty Show please”. And if you can make the extra effort, say that in Chinese! 🙂

See you next time awkward friends,
Renan Leggo


  1. Toby Graham says

    This is just awesome Renan. You seem to be the expert in Chinese shows, theatre and other performances. Always looking forward to your insight on the “oriental scene” side of life.

    You are cool,

  2. Joseph says

    Sounds like an indie movie, which would sound terrific of course. China has a lot of potential for sure. Makes me curious u know…. !

    J. B.

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