Just get Awkward Moment in Circus World Shanghai

Picture of Shanghai Circus World Building

Extensively traveling in and around the globe, there have been many moments that just get awkward on a global scale. Of course, these are some of the most favourite and treasured moments there are. What better way to discover new countries and cultures than by embarrassing yourself. One such curious case that comes to mind, is from the beautiful city of Shanghai in China.

Ask you can see from the picture above this curious looking, yet beautiful building is the amazing Shanghai Circus World that is very famous throughout the country! As well as abroad as well judging from the huge flocks of tourists that go to see the show every day. Now that’s business, in the form of a ball theatre, splendor I might add!

The trip to Shanghai was not just some R-rated comedy. It was like a film of precious moments about three best friends who find themselves in a foreign culture, and subsequently creating loads of confusing situations. Perhaps lucky for us, there was no dating or relationships with Chinese women. However, there were some attempts that I am still laughing at to this day.

We wanted to see the famous FilmDistrict in Shanghai, instead we ended up going to see an acrobatic show at the Circus World. Well, not everything can go to plan and that is really better to keep things exiting and fresh! And fresh we were indeed, as we approached this odd ball shaped theatre building thinking that we were in for some kind of a tourist trap. No, this was an authentic show that makes your hair go up and ears fall off. We enjoyed every bit and were very much glued to the performance, especially when the beautiful Chinese ladies were hanging from the roof with threads of silk. That was beautiful and our dreams went far of a life of an acrobatic performer in China. But what were we thinking!

Soon enough, the most clumsy of us, Mr. Michael B. decided to step up from his seat and run down to the performance stage. I would have never thought that he made so far, but there was no security and no stopping him. For a while I thought that he would ruin the whole show, but not exactly. Although turns out that the audience did get a huge laugh as the somewhat surprised performers (and audience), took him to the show and made him try one of the tricks. It was a hat trick and not the type where you score four goals. He had to flip a hat in air, and land it perfectly on his head. Well, he had courage and balls to go in front of that huge audience and make a fool of himself. Yes, meaning that he did fail at the trick and the moment was extremely awkward! I wouldn’t have missed that for the life of me. And Michael would not have missed it either, no way.

The curious thing was, that his awkward moment made the acrobatic show feel even more amazing. In comparison to Michael’s poor performance, the skill of the real performers was so amazing that it was just unbelievable. What best was that this ridiculous drunken burst was to thank for it all. So I guess, it was not really that ridiculous after all.

If you are visiting Shanghai, ever, please go and watch the amazing Shanghai Circus World spectacle. You will not regret it, as long as you can just let go with the experience. Chinese acrobatics are surely the top of the world. As for the movie industry, I am not always so sure but could very well be that there is some good stuff worth looking for. Either way, there are loads of film theaters so should be alright.

The acrobatics you can find just by taking a subway to Circus World station. You can not miss this huge building!=)

Awkward greetings from Mr. Renan.

And a hello to all of our Chinese friends, including Show Shanghai Nightlife crew of course!


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