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I could see a whole line of heads rolling as the movie started with a big slip of a banana and head crushed into the pavement. Yes, it was going to be one of those awkward movies, again. As for myself, I couldn’t be more exited. I had gathered a bunch of guys to watch a silly movie with much attention to laugh at my ass. If you know what I mean, probably you are a human being that actually lives on this earth.

But I do understand why some people have had enough and it’s not because of quality, it’s because of quantity. And quantity we have all had enough. Sometimes, it’s just crazy the amount of research you have to do about a movie to decide if it’s worth a watch or not. Where has the movie industry gone to! But there is a problem with the problem. And that is blaming movies that go into a category that have a lot of crap ones in that very category. And one of them is of course, comedy and “awkward stuff” that I love so much. If you just grab the first funny comedy movie from hollywood, you will most likely fail. Great precision and care has to be taken into entertaining your life with this stuff. You need memorable moments, with friends preferably.

If you take your friends to see a bad movie, maybe you will no longer have them in the end. And that would be a much more of an awkward moment than actually watching a film of that genre. Getting horizontal wont probably help you there either, unless the friend in question is female.

So what I am trying to say, that let’s stop naming people, and movies of that matter. Instead, let’s do the research and face the fact that it’s not going to be easy. That’s why we have film critics, of which most are probably not suitable anyway but. You know where I am going with this… to a point that has no end!

Let’s enjoy a good film guys. Once and for all.

Leggo R.

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