Now Showing Official Stardom

Now Showing Official Stardom

You might have been somewhat wondering, what a cat is doing inside a cardboard box. Or likewise, now you could be thinking: is that bird looking at me. All those questions and more, will be hopefully processed in the awkward blog. And lastly but not leastly you may ask, why. It is all for the sake of stardom of course, the kind that we see in movies and other shows. It was gives us kicks and makes us laugh. It’s what we need to make us feel alive and kicking!

Yet, there is always an interesting contrast in things. Such as the bird, which is hiding and lurking behind it’s beautiful wings. In fact, I often feel humanity in that way. Everyone is beautiful, yet they are hiding that beauty within themselves.

Please, understand that the only way out is to feel awkward and let that feeling take you to stardom. No one is going to really notice you if you just do something well, or make effort. Everyones going to be very keen on what you are doing if you are embarrassed about it and try to hide it. Just one needs to put some emphasis, to go to extremes. Only so that we could laugh about it in the end.

These and many awkward subjects will be discussed in these writings. I know it will take some time to absorb all the information and “philosophy”. Yet if there would be one more advice I could give, it would be to not to think too much. Absorb my sweet words, and you’ll be on your way. Where? To stardom of course!

See you soon, dear, dear,
Renan Leggo (Author).


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