Rhythm of Verbal Humour

Laughing Kids

I really believe, that Tom Gormican is one of the most skilful writers and directors when it comes to verbal humour. It’s not just about making good jokes, it’s a lot about rhythm. Just like the heart beat in all of us humans, we need to have some kind of tide to grab on to and take us to the heights of.. well, comedy for example. Also the same applies to a lot of other movies. In comedy, it’s a little bit different however. For example, when creating those awkward moments, timing is extremely crucial for creating a big enough impact on the audience. It’s a mix of being obnoxious as well as clever amongst many other elements that throughout the scenes go up and down with elegance and manner.

When movies are lacking that rhythm, it is when often enough the comedy fails to penetrate. This “moment” when the laughter penetrates ones being is a non-stobable chain reaction, creating laughter within a huge mass of people.

Now, if you think of it in that way it’s easy to understand that there needs to be parts when the mood goes down too. After all, we don’t want to die from laughter, don’t we?!

Let’s make good movies,
Renan Leggo

PS. Feel free to ask me any questions if interested. Cheers!

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