Those Awkward Moments

Those Awkward Moments

Hey everyone, it’s Renan here or as they usually refer to me by my surname: “Leggo”, probably because of it’s funny tone. This official blog is dedicated to the incredibly funny and inspirational movie “That Awkward Moment”. Starring great actors such as, Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. And directed by one of my favourite directors, the one and only Tom Gormican. The movie was released in theatres on Jan 31, 2014 and I have watched it several times ever since, also on DVD!

While the critics concensus has not been overall positive, I believe that they have failed to miss the truly brilliant and funny nature of the movie. Seeing it as simply as a “comedy date movie”, while there are many great hidden things behind this entertaining blot. But most importantly there are great values that it is trying to teach us, to laugh at ourselves and to accept that there will be those awkward “moments” and we must face them and enjoy them. At least, that is the message of the movie I have received and lately applied to everyday life situations. I love to travel and seeing how the awkward moment manifests in different countries and cultures is very interesting. More about that in future posts. So get comfortable, and just get horizontal to enjoy the movie and this blog!

Thanks for reading & see you soon,
Renan Leggo (Author).

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