Treasure Moments of Happy

Treasure Moments of Happy

Happiness is not Formulaic. It’s pulsating, and impossible to predict. Sometimes it may seem cruel, but all that crap that comes with on the road of achieving it, is not that bad. I mean, what is the worst thing that could happen. Yes, there is death but that’s not on the top of your worries is it. Worries are trivial, and I am not saying that people should stop having them. Rather accept them, including the awkward and make fun of yourself for being so useless. Little things are what this world is made of and people are so engaged in putting importance on the crappy moments that one forgets to treasure the happy ones.

Here is the clue, according to Tom Gormican at least. Each moment has to be treasured, because you never know which one of them is going to be the one. Going on with your life, selecting which ones you think are happy and not is going to limit you a lot. Truth is that happiness is something that can always be achieved in greater and funnier ways. That’s why you can never know the limit and why one needs to keep the gate open for the funny monster to come in.

The funny monster is another comedic image of the self image that we have of ourselves. Just think of the name, it’s ridiculous and you should be laughing already! If not, you cannot laugh at your self and miss one of the most amazing treasures in your life. Happiness baby, it’s all that and nothing more. I know you might think I sound like a douchebag but that’s exactly right! We should all become assholes so that we can laugh at each other, and enjoy the bloody time we have that’s limited on this planet.

But there is a flip side. Now that you have stopped worrying about small ridiculous things, such as awkward moments. It’s time to worry about your death! Muhahaha!

Get real,
Renan Leggo

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