What’s VPN? How to Protect Online Awkwardness with ExpressVPN


Every now and then, there comes a time when it’s time to take action. The revelations of Snowden are well known throughout the world. But for many of us it didn’t really change anything. And I think one of the biggest problems is that simply people don’t know where to start in order to take action with online privacy, protection of identity and all that. However it turns out that this was not quite true as according to some online statistics nearly half of internet users are using VPNs! Now that’s a bold statement to which I approach in doubt, but it is for certain that VPN use has sky rocketed and in popular use throughout the world. But how can it prevent awkwardness and what’s the point anyway?

This is of course talking from the perspective of already finding out what it is — and why probably all of us should be using one. So let me back up a little bit and help to introduce this by answering the question of what is really is.

My friend has asked:

I’ve heard about being connected to a VPN on your computer. What does it mean?

My (now) educated answer:

VPN which means Virtual Private Network is a method, by which you form a protected connection between two closed networks, over the the public network.

Let me explain further. If for example, a company has two offices, one in Chicago and the other in New York, the networks between the two loaves are connected with a VPN. In this way, the network is shared and looks like as one single network despite being connected from either of the office locations.

Also those who are working outside of the office, can use a VPN connection to securely join the inside network of the company. The user opens up a VPN client on their laptop, which takes a connection to the designated server and identifies itself with a login name and password.

This kind of VPN technology however, has numerous other uses beyond just a secure online working environment. Especially since the connection is always secured, by using different secure protocols of which the most popular is known as OpenVPN.

Modern day VPN services make anonymity possible on the internet, during a time when (as Snowden has proclaimed) government surveillance and security threats are only increasing. With a service, instead of your office, the connection is routed through a server so that your internet service provider (ISP) for example, cannot track your online activity. Thanks to the protection, the true IP address is hidden from everyone except the VPN server itself. Effectively securing your ass of course!

My journey with online privacy started with a quality service known as “ExpressVPN”. They provide easy to use services for us non-tech-savvy people, but most importantly they are fighting a good fight to make the internet a private place for limitless exploration. If you are interested in having a go, you can get a discount and months free worth of promo-goodness — just check out the expressvpn discount coupon offer for more information. They will return your money within a month if you decide that VPN is not a thing for you, however if you care about putting your vote out there that online data should be kept to yourself only and not shared with governments, then you can’t say no.

Benefits of VPN

  • privacy protection
  • security
  • anonymity
  • access to restricted sites
  • better connectivity

One of the interesting benefits is the possibility to route your traffic through pretty much any country in the world. In this way you can circumvent online country restrictions. So let’s say for example in countries where Facebook or other such social media services are banned, these websites can be accessed by first connecting to a VPN server that is located in a country where such blocking doesn’t take place. In other words, you can “cheat” your location to seem as something else. In practice the traffic will be routed through the location.

And in the US for example, if you go outside the country.. some services like for example video streaming, netflix and others will stop working. So what you can do is to “fake” your location as you were inside the states to access these services. And there is nothing that they can do about it of course.

I hope I have managed to cover the essential on this topic, but it really blew me away that such a simple (and affordable) technology could give so much possibilities. Try out the discounted ExpressVPN coupon code promotion linked above and you’ll be on your way sooner than you realize. Good luck!

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